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JULY 12th, 20XVI
Well everyone.... or, to whoever reads this, this project has pretty much died, along with AnimalXing Ahead. I'm sorry I could never finish this in the last decade, but things happen you know? Life got pretty interesting, as it does for quite a lot of others. Someday I'll have to jump back into this, but I cannot say how long that will be. Maybe years. Perhaps it will become my own private little project. I'm a married man now... with a beautiful bride who I treasure. I'd love to tell you the story of the glory days, but... it won't be for a very long time. Perhaps ever.

...This is Legend Carisso, signing off for the first (and last) time in six years.

SEPTEMBER 18th, 200X
It really has been ages since I last typed up a progress report on Advent of Doomer, or that this site has been in order. The truth is... it's sadly slipped into the background. I have soo much going on in my life right now that I haven't been able to get much work done more than scripting issues. I'm going to do what I can, but I AM going to see this project through. It just may take some time to get it back up and running again as it was a year ago perhaps. Hooray on the AXA Forums returning to us all! ^^

Alot of my life news, since you're all probably demanding reason; I'm engaged to the Love of my Life! <3 I'm also trying to find work in my town so I can move out of this hole I call a house. Long story there, but... in any case, I'll see what I can do for AoD. The 9 project has been canceled indefinately however, sadly. Maybe one day if I ever get back into the series, I'll resurect it, but... XD In any case, signing off for now. ^^

MARCH 19th, 200X
I'm sorry it's been so long since I've replied on here everyone. And... I'm sorry to say that Advent of Doomer has been placed on hold for a little while. But not to worry, the project will start back up shortly! I've just had alot of moments in my life which I won't mention here for the time being, but note that it's a very good moment! ^^ One sad thing has happened though, my music producer, I had to let go. It wasn't the morbid fact that he wanted to use MY four years of work to make his own game, but the point on how scary he could be. Especially after what he did to a very good friend of mine. He's got two children of his own and I'll be darned if I'm going to work with someone who would DARE hurt my friends. But that's not to worry, as I can just as easily make my own music and soundtrack, AND make it sound good. I did it before, I can very well do it again. XD

And with that, you also make new friends too, and family. XD Just like my Megadoomerian Brethren and Sisteren, I now have family on another area too, and to those of you who see this, I am working on a "9 RPG." Something like "F9nal Fantasy" or some other name, I'm gonna work on it in the future alot more. ...That, AND balance AoD in the process. XDD Until next time everyone. ^^

JANUARY 3th, 200X
At long last, the new decade has arrived. 200X. I pray this is going to be the year Advent of Doomer comes to completion. Everyone? This is it. This WILL be the final year. I have a team of friends who are helping me with the music, and I myself with the graphics, this project started small, yet now it has been rising to fruition.I have all of you to thank for it too. We're gonna end this year with not only the first game to show perseverance and the teamwork of friendship, but at the same time, the first game to ever be officially noted in Megadoomer. All before us have passed, and... failed. But now we have to avenge them. It's up to us all. Here's to 2010, the new decade!

*ahem* Now that that's out of the way, time for the goods. Guess what folks? Those pictures I've been promising you all this time, but never could get? Now I've found my uploader, and will be getting them to you ASAP. Fallen trees, bees knees, super cities, and the works. And the rhyme just got killed. The only reason there's been so many delays is due to the recreation of Megadoomer City, Megadoomer HQ, the Star Port, and the shops and housing within. I'm afraid to say you won't get to see ALL of the city, as in most games, like say for example you wanted to run all over Sanfrancisco with Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but you remembered there was an army chasing after him, and you couldn't. However, to make up for this, I will be adding alot of other cool things after the beta has been tested and passed inspection. XD Episode IV is near completion. Episode V will take place in Sunset Town. And hopefully, you'll get to shimmy into a wet suit to go diving around in. You'll have to according to the chapter. Anyhow, signing off for now. And if I didn't say this already, Happy New Years to all!

NOVEMBER 11th, 200IX
I can't believe it's only a day away until my birthday, which is on the 13th of this month. I'll be 19. Meanwhile, I have to make some apologies on those pic updates. I have actually decided that since I can't find that pic uploader ATM, I won't be able to upload the Tranquility Forest pics. But I do have to say that I'm doing Megadoomer City justice. All aspects of the city are being changed, so this way, Megadoomer HQ doesn't house EVERYTHING. A hotel, and the IRC rooms are housed in a dome on the Eastern half of the city. The shops in Central, (Minus the peddler shops within the West Gate), the HQ has been spread out further away from the city, and the only way to it, is on a restricted highway that was closed off due to an unknown incident. The Western Gates lead towards the exit of the city, as well as the South Gate. Alot of fun things in store for the future. Hopefully by my birthday's arrival, I'll have completed Episode IV, AT LONG LAST!

OCTOBER 16th, 200IX
And so, we come to another new day. As of now, I'm working on the bosses of the fourth part of Episode 4. And things are still going along right as rain, I assure you. And, I also gotta make a formal apology. Since I've gotta figure out where my pic uploader is located, AGAIN, I'm still a little delayed on getting those Tranquility Forest pics. Also, as of the moment, Megadoomer City was, well, bombed. :{ Luckily, I'm rebuilding a brand new city in it's place. The first one looked horrible anyway. THIS city will feature not only different areas, and an even bigger map, but it will also be the first map in this game to feature a scrolling backdrop as well, such as the city in the day, the afternoon, or at night. Think back to the good ol' days playing your Dreamcast, and a game of Sonic Adventure. Wasn't that lovely? Problem though, I've still gotta come up with a daytime city backdrop. Until then everyone.

Also, I would like to give a really big thankyou to Dr. Love , for all of his hard and dedicated work to furthering the game's soundtracks. Keep up the good work.

AUGUST 30th, 200IX

I actually received an update from my good buddy, Ryan659 of Megadoomer, AXA. We hit 5000 members recently! I just wanna say thankyou to everyone for all of your continued support. ...Now Lets shoot for 15,000 visitors! In the meantime, I'm going to be updating a few pics, to show what Tranquility Forest is REALLY going to look like now. ^^ Also, I'd like to take this time to say that I have a new member joining my team in making this. Meet Dr. Love, as most might know him. OakTown, is his origins, so I hear. I expect great things for you, good luck man.

AUGUST 29th, 200IX

It's near the end of the month now, and I have taken a good look. I haven't done anything lately, has this game's creation truly been placed on hold for so long?... The fact is, I may be getting a job soon, as this solo creator is 18- going on 19 now. But aside that, I would love to pick up from which I left off. So I'm proud to announce that I am going to once again begin the game's creation! Now, with some updates. Surprised? Well, I did do a bit of tinkering around, and began thinking about the story, and how the planet's been ravaged, in a way, so I gave it a mud-slap, and ruined a few things, such as "Tranquility Forest." Looks now though as if it's a dead forest, with no leaves on rotted out trees. I'm also planning on face-lifting other locations in the world, when the time comes. ^^; Last time I reported in, I had talked about working on Part I of Episode IV, well as of now, I've completed Part I, and half-way done Part II, this was however before my life got twisted up-side-down. (Though it still is.) Also, I've fixed that "Progress & Updates" bug on the site. So it should now be clickable again. And one more thing. As a solo game creator, It doesn't mean I am doing everything alone. I have to have some help once in awhile, so I am going to create a "The AoD Team" link, and list those special friends who have helped me on my way to making this game a reality. ^^

JULY 7th, 200IX

Happy late Independence day. I only wished I was free, but as things at home have been getting a bit haywire, which has unfortunately made me announce that Advent of Doomer may be on hold for a little while. I'll be working on it when I can, but there may not be many updates until later on near the end of the year. Thankyou for all of your support and your patronage.

APRIL 9th, 200IX

I'm back everyone, after about two-three weeks downtime. I'd rather not say as to why my net was shut down, but I've made some text changes to the site, important AoD information, so here's the grand update: Episode IV - Part I, is now in the works, soon as I figure out a way to kill the lag, I'm going to go landmine happy on the course, then as for the other four Anti-Spambots. Well, I'll be getting my life back in order, but keep watching for more updates.

MARCH 12th, 200IX

Sorry for my long disappearance everyone. I have returned from the darkness to reveal that Episode III is now finished! I am beginning work on Episode IV now, which of course hasn't been named just yet. ^^; But with all that aside, it's going to be a great, if not long chapter in the game. Keep tuned in everyone. On a side-note, I would also like to take the time to let you know that since #Gateway also was a part of Windfyre when it's name was changed, it too has been updated to accommodate the upgrade. So, have fun chatting.

JANUARY 5th, 200IX

Happy New Years to everyone who has tuned in to AoD Gateway. I am hoping to make new changes to the site. And I am going to start, by adding a chat room area to the site. I do have a few things I have to ask about from some of the head OPerators at #megadoomer, but I hope to create some new changes not only to this site, but to the future of Advent of Doomer. Untill then, feel free to drop in #Gateway once in awhile.


After quite awhile, I still am stuck on Megancaster Prison, or Episode III, BUT. I am glad to announce the introduction to Sunblade Nightingale:The Legendary Bandit of the Shoohians. Or is he... even more legendary than that? Well find out later, but for now, his first skirmish against the hero has been written out, and thus continues through the submerged parts of the prison. This prison is complete, with ten floors, multiple passages, and some hidden secrets too. And what is more, the introduction to the X.1 Powersuit! I intend to bring you guys many updates about AoD, so keep checking in often. (PS: You can see more about Sunblade in "The Characters" page.)


It's October already! It has been quite a few months since anything has been heard from me. So... where to begin. .. Well, I'm currently working on Megancaster Prison, at long last! Since there's 10 floors to build, there's gonna be ALOT of things happening. Secret rooms, special areas, and the boss himself! Also, I'm working on improving ability, and weapons graphics. And also adding some new things. Mini-games for one. Something like the puzzles from Final Fantasy X, only made better! Death 13's appearance has been set too. This, Death 13, is a tribute to my favroite fighting game, for the Playstation 1, by CAPCOM, "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure". The story line goes, that he somehow escaped Earth, to go to Chattoritus VI, to harvest the souls of the living. And you'll have your chance to fight him and defeat him soon. And with the wrap-up of all of these majorly-needed updates, I have to say, that the progress of the game may be slowed down, due to my parents. Things at "Legend Productions" (... ) have become very unstable. However, this will be changing, I'm gonna be moving out soon. With help from my girlfriend. So worry not about AoD, okay guys? But my next update will probably be months ahead, so for now, I'll be adding pictures of my work over time. I ask for all of your thoughts and prayers, if you have any to offer, or wish to give. All of those from #megadoomer IRC, And Animal Crossing Ahead, I thank each and every one of you for the support you've given me, and I promise you, by the time this game is finished, (No, not 5 years later, hopefully XD) I'll have something special to offer every one of you.

AUGUST 20th, 200VIII

I've noticed quite alot of compliments about the new site look. I really do appreciate all of your thoughts. I am still of course, working on Episode III, and this is where you find out about a big piece of the storyline, and the past of Megadoomer. I'm also trying to get ideas about what I can add into AoD to make it the best it can be. Even some ability moves, I intend to add in very soon.

JULY 1st, 200VIII

Many of you have been asking about the status of AoD. Let me reassure you everything is still in working order, even if this site has a layer of grime on everything. Just alot happening to the creator (Me) lately. I'll have some game updates to you by next week.

MAY 30th, 200VIII

Welp, it's nearly the end of May already. Time has flown by, and as time flys by, so does production. Episode II is complete! Episode III will now commence. And, as always, stay tuned for more updates. What will Episode III be about? Well, lets just say this. "Jail isin't very fun. Neither is escaping it."

MAY 20th, 200VIII

Don't worry. I'm still a kickin'. I've just been taking alot of fishing trips. : However, Mission Jukadia is coming along swimmingly. A bit slow, but still steady. I've added another factor to the gameplay, "Beasts". This is just a score for people who like to fight beasts that pertain to a certain area instead of JUST robot monsters. I've been getting a stream of really great ideas from most of the AXAers over at #megadoomer. To all of you, thanks a bunch.

MAY 5th, 200VIII

Welp, it's not been too far along since my last update, but this one I thought was crucial. Ok... where to start, for the many of you who've though that the first template was a bit boring, (That means you as well Crasy. ;P) I've created a better looking site. Also, I've added Character BIOs for two more heroes. Welp, I hope this new template works wonders. Oh, one more thing to cover. If you're still seeing the old template, (Example: The bright kiddie-like colors)
press your F5 key or hit the refresh button to refresh.

MAY 2nd, 200VIII

Well, this place was starting to collect a tiny grime of dust, so I thought I should give you all an update. Currently, I'm still working on Jukadia Forest, but this time, it's to ensure the working ability of the Mission Level. You get it all in this Mission Mode, the ability to run, and hopefully, avoid spambots. Yeah, remember I said those would be my last pictures? I lied. Sorry. To make it up to you, here's a small preview of how it will look. The project is kinda running slow, since I'm playing a mix between Mario Kart Wii, and Endless Online. And let me just take a moment to say "I think Kymtendo is the TRUE Mario Kart Champion!" On another note, I would also like to take this post to congratulate Shurst2004 for completing his schooling. Way to go Shurst! And with that, take a look in the "Progress & Updates" area to see the pics.

APRIL 16th, 200VIII

Well, it's been quite awhile... a long journey has been taken to ensure my next update would be exciting for you. And as you know, I keep that promise. I am very proud to give to you, a demo version of "Advent of Doomer"! You can find this one in the "Game Releases" section of the site. Now, a little something I should tell you before hand. Thanks to the input from my beta testers, "The #megadoomer
staff", I've discovered that on some computers, the words may look bunched together. If this happens to occur to you, it is something to do with your computer, no idea what though. Regarding this matter, I am searching and trying to find another font for the game, if possible. But anyways, you, the player can give me a hand in this matter. let me know how things worked out in the "Guestbook".

APRIL 8th, 200VIII

Ok, screenshots uploaded. Just so you know, this will be the last time I upload any screenshots for awhile, so the game can stay mysterious. You may now check the "Progress & Updates" area to view the new screenshots.

APRIL 6th, 200VIII

It's been a few days, but I'm here, and alive... although with a few sunburns from a fishing trip. But enough of that. Rejoice! Megadoomer City is now completed... well, the central area anyways, the other areas will be problably for a hospital, and trust me, that'll be needed, ALOT. Also, Rainbow Town, the town that's always in a good state, has been built as well. And also, the Jukadian ServTemple is complete. ServTemples are buildings you will travel too once in a blue moon. Who knows what lies there. But yes, Jukadia Forest is about to be fully created as well. Now, some of you already know I've been working on this area in my spare time, and I have. No pictures yet, but I'll get them up soon. Maybe by tomorrow, I will have them, as I've not lost one tie to my time taker. School! It's good to be a grad.

MARCH 28th, 200VIII

Well, seeing as we have 500+ guests, I'm assuming that we've reached our goal. Now, for now, I'm changing "guests" to "hits", so, lets set a goal for 5000 guests. Now, AoD wise, Megadoomer HQ is now halfway completed, but the storyline is working swell. Now, Megadoomer city is looking lively, and might be about the biggest map in the whole game, unless the desert and ice continents aren't any bigger. Oh yes, I will be introducing now, the desert region: "Shoohi Deserts: The Desert of The Banned", and the ice region: "Iceterra: The frozen wasteland". Keep checking for updates regularly.

MARCH 21st, 200VIII

Well folks, we're a hit. Sure, on a small scale, but 100+ guests! Thankyou for contributing. Lets set a goal for 500 guests.

MARCH 18th, 200VIII

Yes, I'm sure you're thinking, "Uh... isin't it a bit quick for an update?" Welp, no. Not really. It's nothing much gamewise, however Megadoomer City is begining to shape up like an actual city. And if you think I mean city by "A bunch of huts and medievil music playing, you're in for a big shock. This ain't no medievil city at all. Afterall, the monsters in the game ARE Spambots, right? And yes, they're robotic. (Check the battle pic in Progress & Updates) But I just got way off track. Heh, my bad. Anyways, for the REAL reason I'm posting today. I've updated the site. Info on "Shurst2004" has been added. Also, as this isin't a special battle type game, I replaced the starting stats with Information. This will give detailed information about his attributes. Welp, until next time...

MARCH 17th, 200VIII

I am quite late on updates this month, but it is time I did my daily duty. And Now, for all of you. Screenshots are now in the "Progress & Updates" area. What you will see, is Parts of Megadoomer Field. Also, for a little treat, you will see what most boss battle screens will look like.

MARCH 9th, 200VIII

I made a promise, and now, I shall deliver. Megadooomer Field's map, and events are now completed. Very soon, itt'l be time for Megadoomer City.

MARCH 4th, 200VIII

Wow, we're already in march. No current updates yet, but keep your eye out. Eventually, there shall be.


Updates today! Firstly, before you start thinking, "Link!", Megadoomer Field has absolutely nothing to do with The Legend of Zelda. This is a ship port, and another location our heroes will visit. Also, here comes the Twilight Zone! No music, but yes, might also remind you of Zelda. The Twilight zone is sort of like the place where all time stops. No enemies to deal with, but also very much like a puzzle! Yep. Introducing, Puzzle Land!


It is just one day away from Valentines Day. <3 So, happy early Valentines Day! And for updates, I've finally finished the starting zone of MegaTown, and finished Tranquility Forest. You can see screenshots in the Progress & Updates area.


I am proud to activate the main site. This is where you will find out about updates and such, to Advent of Doomer, or any other projects that may arrise.

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