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Ok, so most of you have been longing and waiting for some updates, and as a man of my word, I shall deliver! What you will see in here, are many things pertaining to the detailed progress of AoD. For now, I've got some screenshots of the game.

This is the title screen. I am still working on a final version, but for now, this will do. Think of this, as the beta version of the title screen. Oh, and to the right, is the logo to my little production.

Here, you see how the hero gets to this planet, he crashes... but how...

What you see here is a shot of the battle screen. Itt'l get better, trust me.

Conversation in MegaTown... quite alot of trees, no? Oh, Kymtendo, she says, eh?

And this is how the save system will work. See that little arcade looking machine? Oh, and the Metroid effects? How cool is that? Although, again, I intend to make it look better... after the beta. Oh, and there's another one in Bamberina's bar. A great place to go if you're looking for a retreat from ze world.

Lightsabers? Ok, but don't worry. I don't intend to make another Star Wars remake.

This is an example of the Map Screen's nature. And whaddyou know, it looks like Super Mario World, well, almost.

Tranquility Forest is now complete. Here's a few screenshots to show you.

And Megadoomer Field. Looks like a field, wouldn't you agree?

W A R N I N G! Screenshot coming at you. And wouldn't you say this kinda looks like something you'd see off of Megaman? Maybe? Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, if you see it in action.

Ok, this is it. Rainbow Town. And, a preview of the Rainbow Town shop.

Welp, here you go. The first pic, the thing with Jammers on it? Yeah. That is the Signal Jammers you have to find... and Kym was captured?! And on a final note, Al-Bhed? :|

As promised, Boom boom, fire, swish, and bam. Y'get a crisp ages old forest. Not on fire...

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