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Advent Of Doomer:The Threat on Chattoritus VI, (AoD:TToCVI)
is an RPG project based on the the IRC Channel, #Megadoomer.
The project was started around March of 2007, when me, and the other Megadoomerians were talking about RPGs and other video games, so I thought, why not make an RPG based upon the day I first entered #Megadoomer, and create Megadoomer's very first video game.

The Story revolves around a boy, filled with the ancient blood of the father planet of Eden.One day, on the planet of Mobious, in Terra City, this boy fought a legendary hero upon a flying cargo freighter. After this mysterious hero saw the power this boy carried, he made the boy promise to venture to his planet one day in the distant future. This unknown hero, who only went by the name,
"ADB" (Aqua Doctor Bob) fused a very special arm cannon into his right hand. The hero then, disapeared, and was never to be seen, or heard from again.

Eight years, after retiring leadership of a galactic peace military called, "FORCE", he set out in a huntership he had received, leaving the planet, Earth, for what would be a long time, this hero set out planet after planet, until one day, whilst viewing the vastness of space, the ship passed through a beautiful nebula that took the shape of a phoenix's wings, trailing bright orange and red, like the trail of a rainbow, pointing to a star in which the nebula's arrow shaped head was directed.

He followed this invisible path, edging closer and closer, until he saw the star turn into the size of a moon, then the size of a planet. This planet didn't register in the the ship's logs, but the galaxy was noted as the
"Textus" Galaxy. The ship moved closer and closer to the planet until, the ship was struck by two unknown figures. the ship flailed into this planet's atmosphere, and seemed to be heading to certain doom.....

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