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This special page is to remember all of those who have helped me, weather it's by sprites, or music, or even ideals for maps, etc, I'm gonna place you in here. You know who you all are.

Sprites and Suggestions
Pikachu3828 (The actual guy. )
Sunblade (The main bandit. And a good guy all round. )
Tareth (In loving memory... If you're ever in the neighborhood Tareth, we'd love for you to visit sometime. ^^)
Ronan (Intellegent, polite, a shuckle of superior intellect. )

Music and Sampling
Kymtendo (Our grand leader now. Now if only we could get her elected as President of the United States. )
Lyle (Sorry my friend. You will never have to sample MIDI sounds again. :wacko
Chrono (^^ Thanks, my friend. XD)

Special Thanks
Ninty (Okay, okay. I can't resist, couldn't do it without your comments. XD)
Bobba Fet- I mean Vile. (Thanks for being a good sport. ^^; Your bonus is on it's way.)
Shurst2004 (Thanks for sending Vile after me. )
Mystyk (Gotta mention my good ol' scientist buddy. )
Ryan659 (Congrats on HOPeratorship. )
AXA, and the ACForums (Which at the moment, doesen't work for me. ._.)
Nintendo (For sending me a 2010 calender for being an Elite member. ...But seriously, a CALENDER?! Why Couldn't I get a hat?! XD)
SEGA (For trying to merge Sonic's world with the F-Zero world.)
Sonic The Hedgehog (For being fast.)
Samus Aran (...I dunno, she's got skill?)
The LostProphets (Trust me, this job gets very boring sometimes. XD)
Crossfade (For when I'm mad.)
Acceptance (For when I'm sad.)
Barney The Dinosaur (THANK YOU FOR GOING AWAY. -.-
Red Baron (#1 Pizza Maker ever)
Samus Aran (Again... did I mention she's got skill?)
Nike (No wonder Sonic smiles like that.....)
Velcrow (For making my life miserable.)
Superglue (......)
My Brain (For coming up with all of these people to thank.)

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